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My Life Makes So Much Sense Because Of You


Every day, before I get up & before I go to bed, I’d like to visit the circle of my global friends, finding out your current status.

Sometimes I am like a language teacher, checking your homework & reading pieces of a few simple lines and sharing your little sadness and happiness.

Sometimes I am like a doctor, or medical specialist, reviewing your “medical record”, through your irregular mood and crazy level to determine whether your condition is getting worse or need help.

Sometimes I am like seeing many small ads, some are high-end with quality images and some are just like sticking patches for fun.

Sometimes I am like watching an auction , half-truth & half-fade, dazzling & confusing.

Sometimes I am like reading a menu in a restaurant or looking for missing person on the post.

But above all, everyday, I am like walking through my entrepreneurship classroom, there I receive so many motivational massages, gain so much knowledge for business & for life, and inspired by so many field leaders. I am very thankful & gratitude for all that.

Because of you, my life is so wonderful; because of you , my life makes so much sense & has so much fun!?❤️


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Wei Wei Ning

Wei Wei Ning is a lifestyle coach & digital entrepreneur. She is a lifestyle blogger at DigitalMomFashionCents.Com. Wei Wei Ning is a personal style coach & beauty consultant. Through digital tools and websites, Wei Wei Ning is helping people from all walks of life to dress to impress, walk tall and look beautiful from inside out. Wei Wei Ning is also an expert in health, wellness, weight management & lifestyle medicine. By leveraging advanced nutraceuticals, Wei Wei Ning has helped many people who have special need to recover from various diseases & illness. Leverage her knowledge & experiences, book 15-minute free consultation with Wei Wei Ning.

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  2. Haaahhha. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

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